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News and information from Bread & Roses, a non-profit organization that presents live music to bring hope, healing and joy to the community.

Administrative Coordinator/Communications Assistant: Bay Area native Carrie Sownie graduated with a degree in theater from UC Santa Cruz. She performed for two years afterwards as a clown for a circus while also working at UCSC facilitating student activities and events. Carrie is happy to support local artists and bring joy to our communities in need. She is excited to help move Bread & Roses forward as a valued team member developing our social media. A lover of music, Carrie’s singing career extends only as far as enthusiastic radio sing-alongs during her commute from Oakland.

The Bread & Roses Staff love to share and know that people like to hear the stories of upliftment and encouragement through music. Feel free to share blog posts on social media, comment on them and rate posts. That helps!

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Communications Manager/Producer: From Dayton, Ohio, Marian believes in the power of positive culture to effect meaningful change. She has worked as a ranger for the National Park Service and in public relations, cultural programming and special events management. A singer and writer, she appreciates the culturally creative Bay Area. She met the late Mimi Fariña on Alcatraz in 1995 and came to Bread & Roses Presents shortly afterwards where she has worked as a concert producer and part-time blogger ever since. She has a BA in English from Trinity University, Washington D.C. In her spare time, she looks for swans.

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