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Steve Meckfessel Leads the Way with Freight & Salvage Benefit Sunday March 13

Singer-songwriter/guitarist and urban folk artist Steve Meckfessel shared a double bill with modern day troubadour Beth Wood at the Freight & Salvage Coffeehouse on Sunday March 13 at 7 pm. In round robin style, he played a selection of his well-crafted and wise original songs from his second album Under Beautiful Skies. Multi-instrumentalist and soulful songstress Beth Wood also shared some of her most recent songs from her latest album Sometimes Love.

The concert was a benefit for Bread & Roses as well as three other local music nonprofits. Fifty-two attendees placed their tickets in a jar, resulting in an upcoming gift of $5200 to our organization from several anonymous donors. 

“I am blown away by the work that Bread & Roses does bringing more than one show every day to people in the Bay Area who need live music most. As a performer, I get to be a first-hand witness to the connection that happens from the power of music and I am happy to support the organization,” said Steve Meckfessel.

A volunteer performer for Bread & Roses since 2010, Steve Meckfessel knows what it means to perform his “jazz-infected urban folk” for those who are isolated. He has performed for mental health patients, brought healing songs to adults in homeless shelters and shared his music in drug and alcohol recovery centers playing songs such as “On the Road” (about what to do on the road of life when the going gets tough.)


We are fortunate to have had other performers, such as long-time volunteer Tracy Blackman, with a similar motivation to give back. Tracy produced “Love to Give” at 142 Throckmorton Theatre in November featuring her sister Cindy Blackman Santana on drums with husband Carlos Santana on guitar, as well as volunteer performers Jimmy Dillon on guitar and Rebecca Roudman on cello. Tracy also donated a portion of the proceeds to several organizations including Bread & Roses Presents.


Artists like Steve Meckfessel and Tracy Blackman care about giving back on multiple levels. They also understand how the power of collaboration can make a difference in creating a wider channel in the world. We hope that by their example, other performers will be inspired to do similar kinds of events to benefit Bread & Roses Presents. What ideas might you have to support our ongoing program? It takes a collective effort to sustain our organization and continue to bring over six hundred Bay Area concerts a year to people who need music most. We look forward to hearing from you soon!



1) Steve Meckfessel, Courtesy of Steve Meckfessel

2) Steve Meckfessel (center) performs with Beth Wood at the Freight & Salvage. Photo by Marian Hubler

3) (L-R) Cindy Blackman Santana, Carlos Santana, Tracy Blackman and Jimmy Dillon. Photo by Jay Blakesberg

Post by Marian Hubler

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