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We are so excited to present a new short documentary about the work of Bread & Roses Presents, a film by Pint of Soul, directed/produced by Dan Foldes and co-produced by Francesca Lee, with narration by Peter Coyote. The film showcases four programs presented by Matt Jaffe at Timothy Murphy School in San Rafael, Tammy Hall at Center for Elders Independence in Oakland, Circus of Smiles at Canal Family Support in San Rafael, and The Lemon Hammer at the Father Alfred Center in San Francisco. Includes interviews with the artists, facility staff and Bread & Roses Executive Director Dave Perron and Producer Francesca Lee which highlight the benefits that live art has on children, adults and seniors in varied institutional settings.

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Performer Testimonial

My commitment to serving humanity inspires me to support Bread & Roses. -Carlos Santana
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