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A Message From Our Board Chair, John Botti

Dear Friends,


Music is medicine for the soul. It has a profoundly therapeutic effect upon our isolated audiences, relieving them from the stresses of the day and providing hope and joy for a better tomorrow. As Board Chair and a volunteer musician for Bread & Roses, it has been transformative for me to witness how music lifts spirits, transcends differences and provides nourishment for all who live in a constantly changing and chaotic world.


Nearly every day of the year, we bring artists of diverse backgrounds and genres to play for isolated children, teens, adults and seniors in a variety of Bay Area institutional settings. Our programs include multi-ethnic groups performing for adults in recovery in East Palo Alto, a jazz vocalist singing for frail elders in a skilled nursing facility in Oakland, or even a storyteller from Malawi sharing songs with teens from varied backgrounds in a juvenile detention facility in Sonoma. Careful thought and planning are put into designing each show to create a truly gratifying and unique experience for those who need it most.


I am so deeply appreciative of all the life-changing experiences that I have received both as a performer and an audience member in the culturally creative Bay Area. I know you care as much as I do about sharing the abundant and diverse musical gifts of our performers through programs for those who are truly isolated.


Please join me in sustaining the mission of Bread & Roses and send your gift today. Every dollar will help us continue to partner with other nonprofit facilities that count on Bread & Roses to uplift the lives of those they serve. We know they join us in thanking you for your generous donation in support of live music and the performing arts…for everyone!



John Botti 

Board Chair, Bread & Roses Presents

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