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A Message From Joan Baez

Dear Friends,


Mimi was astute about so many things. She was ahead of her time in knowing the power of music as a healing and connecting force. As a professional musician, she felt deeply the isolation between artist and audience. In 1974, she gathered up her musical friends to do a concert for a half-way house next door and Bread & Roses was born.


Bread & Roses Presents is the gift of uplifting music for those who are isolated and cannot easily get out to experience the magic of live music directly. As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, all of us now have a greater sense of what it means to be isolated. Our world continues to go through profound changes, and yet those of us who advocate for peace and justice know the power of music to lift spirits and transcend differences. At every Bread & Roses concert we are united in being one audience.


I have stood by my sister Mimi’s side to support Bread & Roses through the years -- on stage at benefit concerts, performing at institutional shows, being a donor and helping to support other initiatives. She is greatly missed but would be happy to know the work goes on.


During the ongoing pandemic, we are all experiencing greater isolation and are in need of connection. We understand how important relationships and socialization are for quality of life to improve moods, bring hope and promote overall mental and physical health.

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We are currently serving our isolated audiences and greater community through outdoor concerts, Zoom programs and most recently a partnership with the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank, providing live music for approximately 400-600 vehicles with families in cars passing through the line for food. Our partnership with the Food Bank not only serves individuals receiving food, but inspires the volunteers giving out food with upbeat joyful music.


There are many good causes I support, but the work of Bread & Roses is especially close to my heart. Help me to extend Mimi’s great legacy and send your gift today. Every dollar will help us to continue to partner with 125 Bay Area collaborative social service and other organizations that have always counted on Bread & Roses to enhance the lives of their clients. We know they join us in thanking you for your generous donation in support of live art… for everyone!




Joan Baez

Photo Credit: Joan Baez. Photo by Dana Tynan.

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