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"Here's Your Roses" by Michael Pritchard

Bread & Roses ambassador, long-time volunteer and extraordinary motivational speaker Michael Pritchard is presenting a monthly series of inspirational video messages for our community called "Here's Your Roses." Hope and Healing Through Live Music is our mission. We need the bread for sustenance, but we need the roses too -- art, beauty and live music. Community and connection. Check back here for updates, or follow us on Facebook or Instagram. Let us know what you think! 

"Young people are rejecting the idea that the accumulation of wealth is a sign of success. Success is a happy life!" says motivational speaker Michael Pritchard in the latest installment of "Here's Your Roses" Video Six. In this series, Michael talks about the importance of younger supporters and volunteers giving back to the community. 

"When you see the joy in the faces of the children we serve, we see the impact that our program brings. You can see their emotions through their expressions. We bring the roses along with the bread. Our program comes from the heart and nurtures the soul. Regardless of age, there is a feeling of love and spiritual sustenance that comes from our performances"

“Setting the stage for human kindness through a lifetime of service to others, the late Mimi Fariña started Bread & Roses in 1974. Forty-eight years later the values she brought to our organization are still
enduring. Mimi left a strong legacy and we continue to be unwavering in our dedication to connecting people emotionally through the arts," says Michael Pritchard. In this segment, Michael talks about the many Bread & Roses supporters who have helped us along the way and ensured our continuing success. 

At Bread & Roses, we model inclusion throughout the year by bringing diverse performers to present uplifting programs for diverse audiences. In celebration of Black History Month, we caught up with Michael Pritchard for "Here's Your Roses" to talk about the importance of diversity and inclusion through our program and the healing that happens. "Our mission is to uplift those who are broken and those who are isolated. We see time and time again how the arts unite audiences and the diverse people we serve. Music brings all people together for hope and healing. As Mimi once said, all we really have to do is show up and play, and the healing happens…" 

Michael Pritchard talks about how we can set an intention for healing by volunteering for Bread & Roses. Michael says, “At Bread & Roses we ask our volunteers to show up, be present, share their gifts and set an intention for healing and connection… The pure motivation of connecting with others through volunteering is enough to affect healing.” Don’t miss this inside look at how we can affect healing through music and the performing arts, whether live in-person or in the virtual realm. 

Motivational speaker Michael Pritchard talks about the importance of bringing hope to others. Bread & Roses is all about “hope and healing through live music” and the connection we make with Bay Area folks who are isolated in institutional settings. He says, “All we can do is bring love and be open.  Sharing your gifts with others brings hope and healing which is the essence of our mission.”

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