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Making Music at Home with Carrie

While folks are safely sheltering in place, we are finding new ways to be creative. Many are turning to music and using their limited resources as inspiration. On The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon and The Roots are having fun with their At-Home Instruments. For those doing homeschooling, there’s fun music related science experiments (or just a chance to reenact one of my favorite scenes from Miss Congeniality!)

So it was decided that our least musical staff member would investigate this music-at-home trend. Follow my journey in the video below:

Step 1: The fun part is finding what items in your home would make a good “instrument.” Does it sound nice when tapped, shook, scraped, banged, rattled? Maybe there are different ways to make sounds with one item – can you tap it in one place or another and also shake it?

Step 2: The hard part is determining the “notes” of each item. Using my Very Clever Ear, I created a “scale” with all my chosen items. (A professional musician might use a toner. In hindsight maybe I should have too.)

Step 3: Next is playing a song! Are your instruments just used for rhythm? Or are they for the melody? Will you be writing your own song or covering a favorite tune? I chose to play Smash Mouth’s All Star as an ode to everyone who needs some uplifting right now. And since I don’t know what I’m doing anyways, I might as well Go Big or Go Home – and I’m already home!

This project provided me with some newfound gratitude for the Bread & Roses volunteer performers. It takes time to become proficient at an instrument, especially if you are creating your own. I am so grateful to all the performers who volunteer their talent for our Bay Area audiences – with 653 shows last year!

Special thanks to my incredibly patient fiancé Andrew for helping me make this video and sitting through my debut “performance.”

By Carrie Sownie, Development-Communications Associate


Video producer/director/script/talent/magic: Carrie Sownie

Camera/technical assistance/moral support: Andrew Kaluzynski

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