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A Day of Joy, Appreciation & Music: Bread & Roses Celebrates Volunteers at The JAM

Bread & Roses Presents celebrated the accomplishments of over 250 volunteers at Unity of Marin in Novato on Sunday August 20, 2017. In the historic setting of the lovely sanctuary that was formerly an Air Force chapel at Hamilton Field, Bread & Roses honored its performers, hosts, board members and other volunteers for their contributions during the past year.

The Lemonhammer played a couple songs to kick-off the event with Damond Moodie’s inspirational and heartfelt vocals soaring out to the audience in their original tune “Mayflies” written by his band-mate Alexis Harte. All then enjoyed a screening of the new short documentary film “Bread & Roses Presents.” Executive Director Dave Perron gave special recognition to Dan Foldes of Pint of Soul who co-produced the film with Francesca Lee. Matt Jaffe, Tammy Hall, Circus of Smiles as well as The Lemmonhammer were featured in the film as volunteer performers for Bread & Roses institutional programs.

“Irish Greg” McQuaid, former KFOG DJ and co-founder of the popular live concert/podcast series “Renee and Irish Greg’s Pop Up,” emceed the awards ceremony. Thirty-five-year performers Ross Commons were recognized for their years of service along with many other performers who had volunteered for ten years or more.


Special awards were given in many categories including Hall of Fame to Ken Harrison, Outstanding Performer to Donovan Plant, Outstanding Youth Performer to Emma Botti, Above and Beyond to Tony Saunders, Most Active Performers to The Lovemakers, Outstanding Host to Tracey Rose, Outstanding Event Volunteer to Elizabeth Drew, Trouper Awards to Linda MacVey and Alan Thomas, Outstanding Recruiters to Robin Applewood, Chris Bryden and Daniel Erik, and Outstanding Video to Dan Foldes.

Recognition was also given to the following volunteers who were unable to attend: The Heart of Bread & Roses to Banana (aka Lowell Levinger), Outstanding Performer for Youth to Bri Tree and Andrew Skewes-Cox, Most Dynamic Performers to Circus of Smiles, Most Active Volunteer to Arthur Javier, Volunteer for All Seasons to Peter Munks and Outstanding Professional Services Award to David Duysen of InnerWorkings Inc.

Many of the assembled performers then stayed to JAM on three stages. On the “Hardly Strictly Anything Stage”: Tony Saunders, Robin Applewood, The Nimbles, Bay Station, Debbie Cucalon and Alan Thomas, Vlad Cardema, Steve Smulian, Judy Hall, Raj Gopal, Rene’ Jenkins and friends, Neil O’Neill, Ricardo Moncrief, Nancy Fox, Eric Sylvester, Michael Hatfield, Carolyn Gauthier, Zeena Quinn, Tommy Atkins, Una Lomax-Emrick and Lisa Starbird.

On the “Tiny Lawn Concert Stage” in the outside courtyard: Dick Bay and Steve Shoen of the Babushka Brothers, Eric Sylvester, The Splinter Group, Bay Station, Vlad Cardema, Jamay Cipriani, Rene’ Jenkins, Ian Dogole and Gabe Harris, Steve Smulian and the Lightworkers Union (Chris Bryden, Daniel Erik and Andy Kallick).

At the Redwood Circle Unplugged at the end of the garden path: Tim Andres, Gabe Harris, Teja Gerken, Adam Traum, David Lehrer, Vlad Cardema, Fredi Bloom, Gail Caulfield and Cate Sims.


Thanks to Event Producers Lisa Starbird and Francesca Lee for putting together such a beautiful event. Special appreciation also to major JAM sponsors Ken Harrison and Unity of Marin. Grateful thanks to: Andrew Kaluzynski for filming video testimonials, Peter Merts for photography, Maureen Donnelly for flowers, Carrie Sownie with “Cookie Mamas” Nancy Jensvold, Sylvia Jensvold and Sheila Walters and food team member Don Brand; Tom Atkin, Andrew Bean, Pam Heassly and Chris Regout for tech and sound; Jeremy Mayer for set-up, Una Lomax-Emrick, event intern and to all the event volunteers who helped out at The JAM.

Special recognition to the following in-kind contributors: Good Earth, H.E.A.R., Lagunitas Brewery, Lo-Fi Aperitifs, Marin Brewing Company, Safeway, Trader Joes, United Markets, US Pure Water, Whole Foods and W.I.G.T. Printing.

Pam Haessly and cameraman Shannon Foley from her team at Novato Community Television produced a special video segment about The JAM that they are screening throughout September on Comcast Cable Channel 26 in Novato on Saturdays at 11 am, Sundays at 3 pm and Wednesdays at 9 pm.

Photos by Peter Merts

1) 2017 Volunteer Group Photo

2) Ken Harrison receiving his Hall of Fame award from Carolyn Gauthier

3) Musicians at the Redwood Circle Unplugged

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