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  • Carrie Sownie

Fourth Annual “Oh Say, Can You Sing?” Contest Launches for Oakland A’s and SF Giants

Bread & Roses is excited to announce the launch of the fourth annual Oh Say, Can You Sing? contest! Participants in the contest enter for a chance to sing the national anthem before the August 19 Oakland Athletics game or the September 14 San Francisco Giants game. Top prize also includes a VIP tour of Lagunitas Brewing Company with beer tasting. Second place winners will receive an acoustic KALA Brand Co guitar. Those who are not singers can still participate by voting for their favorite contestant. Both of the 2018 contests are in full swing now - visit the contest site to enter and donate to vote!

View contest pages, enter and vote!

The last three years of the contest we raised nearly $42,000 to support Bread & Roses program of bringing healing live music to isolated people in the Bay Area. We appreciate our friends at the San Francisco Giants, Oakland A’s, Fantasy Recording Studios and Lagunitas Brewing Company for their sponsorship and support.

Special recognition goes out to the winners of the anthem contests over the years. For the Oakland A’s contests, winners to date include: Damond Moodie (2015), Cathryn Flores (2016) and Caroline Sky (2017). SF Giants winners include: Laura Benward (2015), MUSAIC (2016), and Cathy Less (2017). Each of our singers “knocked it out of the park” with their talent and style. Damond Moodie was also invited by the A’s to come back to sing at another game.

With the help of their friends, families and supporters, our contestants spread the word about the contest and the mission of Bread & Roses. We are impressed to see the different ways our contestants broadcast to their networks. Some primarily use social media, others email their friends and family directly soliciting support. Laura Benward used the “old-fashioned” approach by putting information about her participation in our contest in her local Sonoma paper. We are very grateful for their dedication to getting the word out about the contest.

Congratulations and thanks all of our contest participants, many of whom have been long-time Bread & Roses volunteers and supporters. Both of the 2018 contests are in full swing now. You too can participate in this year’s contest to sing at the Oakland A’s or SF Giants game, or vote for your favorite contestant!

Vote early! Vote often! Support Bread & Roses!

Follow the action #ohsaycontest

Photo/Video Captions:

1) Laura Benward singing the national anthem at a Giants game in 2015.

2) Cathryn Flores tweets her excitement

3) Fans of Cathy Less at 2017 Giants game. Photo by Bill Nichols

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