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  • Carrie Sownie

Congratulations Winners of the 2018 “Oh Say, Can You Sing” Contests

Bread & Roses successfully concluded its 4th annual “Oh Say, Can You Sing” contests for both the San Francisco Giants and Oakland Athletics with four happy winners! Congratulations to our anthem singers Suzanna Schomaker for the Giants and Cathy Less for the Oakland A’s contests. Second-place winners Cathryn Flores and Turk & Divis each received an acoustic KALA guitar. A special thanks to everyone who participated in the contest and raised over $1,200 to support Bread & Roses mission of healing live music for isolated audiences. We also appreciate our friends at the San Francisco Giants, Oakland A’s, Lagunitas Brewing Company and KALA Brand Co guitars for their sponsorship and support.

First Place Winners for the Anthem Contests

Suzanna Schomaker was our San Francisco Giants “Oh Say, Can You Sing?” contest winner and top fundraiser this year garnering donations from family and friends. She sang the national anthem at the Sept. 14 Giants game. A proud mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, she has also volunteered as part of our Holiday Chorus, spreading cheer to isolated audiences in our Bay Area facilities.

Cathy Less was our Oakland A’s “Oh Say, Can You Sing?” contest winner and sang the national anthem at the Aug. 19 A’s game. We thank her for her generous support and outstanding vocal rendition of our national anthem. Cathy is also the Co-Chair of our Board of Directors and we are grateful for the many ways she supports Bread & Roses.

Second Place Winners for an acoustic KALA guitar

Cathryn Flores won second place for the SF Giants contest and also took home an acoustic Kala Brand Music guitar. She is a singer and musician from the Bay Area who plays various genres of music ranging from pop, Latin rock, classical, and country.

Turk & Divis won an acoustic Kala Brand Music guitar as their second place prize for the Oakland A's contest. The two brothers Miles and Evan Karp combine poetry and music and have released two albums, “Live at Lone Glen” and “Quiet Lightning” and recorded their newest album at Fantasy Studios in June 2018.

We congratulate and thank all of our contest participants. We appreciate all who enthusiastically promoted the contest and our mission of healing live music. Our contest participants this year also included: Corinne Kelly, Henry Ochs and Angela Ramirez. Thank you everyone for supporting Bread & Roses as we bring over 600 shows each year of quality entertainment to people who live in institutions or are otherwise isolated from society.

Photo Captions:

1) Suzanna Schomaker singing the anthem at the SF Giants game, photo by Bill Nichols

2) Cathy Less singing the anthem at the Oakland A's game, photo by Bill Nichols

3) Cathy Less with Executive Director Dave Perron, photo by Bill Nichols

4) Miles Karp (L) and Evan Karp (R) picking up their KALA guitar at the Bread & Roses office with Dave Perron, photo by Marian Hubler

5) Cathryn Flores, the Oakland A's contest second place winner, photo courtesy of Cathryn Flores

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