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  • Carrie Sownie

Health Tips To Support Our Community

We would like to share some tips on how to best support our community -- particularly our musicians and performing artists as well as other volunteers -- and how we might better take care of ourselves during this troubling time. We are all isolated and know there are many folks who are struggling. It is our hope that our community will rise up and support each other as we can. Feel free to use and share these health tips and ideas for support.

Ways to support musicians and performing artists:

  1. Commission creative artists for new work – ie. songs, portraits, furniture and jewelry

  2. Buy CDs and merchandise from bands directly on CD Baby or Bandcamp

  3. Send bands a tip via Venmo for the music you’ve already listened to

  4. Pre-book a performer for a future house party date

  5. Learn a new skill! Check out an artist’s virtual class or ask your favorite musician or performer about online lessons that can be done over Skype or Facetime

  6. Tune in to bands’ live feeds

  7. Buy concert tickets in advance for shows that are still on

  8. Support artists on Patreon or Venmo

Ways to support your community:

  1. Check in with a fellow artist

  2. Reach out to an elderly neighbor or those with limited mobility

  3. If an event you had tickets for had to cancel, consider donating those funds back to the organization

  4. Support small business in other ways: comment on their Facebook and Instagram ads, write 5-star Yelp reviews, Google, and Facebook reviews

  5. Support your local hospitals by sewing N95 type masks

  6. Donate blood

Ways to stay creative and promote good mental health:

  1. Clean commonly used objects - ie: cell phone, guitar, or microphones

  2. Write a new song or poem - prompts: What does distance mean? Write something to comfort a friend from afar. Write a PSA song of your choice – think ‘wash your hands.’

  3. Cover a new song

  4. Start a jam session via live stream or Zoom

  5. Try singing in a new language

By Carrie Sownie, Development-Communications Associate

Graphics by Carrie Sownie

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