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  • Heidi James

What To Wear During the Coronavirus Challenge

During this challenging time when we are all being advised to stay home due to the coronavirus pandemic, chances are you’ve been videoconferencing with friends, family and co-workers, who only see you from the waist up. It’s been almost four weeks since I last saw the bottom half of my fellow Bread & Roses colleagues!

The good news is that these days you only have to get half-dressed when preparing to see others. But the real question is, “What should I wear on top?” Well, what else other than a Bread & Roses T-shirt! Below are the top 10 reasons why YOU should purchase a Bread & Roses T-shirt to wear during the Conoravirus challenge:

10. What else are you going to wear?

9. It is a versatile piece that works all year-round.

8. No dry cleaning required.

7. It looks good in any lighting.

6. You can play with texture by layering it over a silk blouse or wearing it under a flannel.

5. Your friends will think you are more interesting than you actually are.

4. It will distract from the fact that you are having a bad hair day or that it’s been too long since you were last able to visit your hairdresser.

3. There are all sort of styles and sizes available – buy them for the whole family to wear while enjoying your social distancing time together!

2. You will look like a Rock Star!

1. You will be supporting the mission of Bread & Roses to bring hope, healing and joy through live music to isolated audiences.

Visit our new merchandise page to place your order today!

Written by Heidi James, Vice President, Development

Photo Credits:

1) Family jam in the garden.

2) 2018 Fall Benefit Concert shirt modeled by Peter Broadhead. Photo by Heidi James.

3&4) 2019 Spring Benefit Concert shirt modeled by Lily Broadhead. Photo by Heidi James.

5) Bread & Roses shirts bring families together!

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