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  • Marian Hubler

Marian’s Did You Know… That We Count Our Lucky Stars To Have Many Friends As Our Ambassadors?

Among our current circle of volunteers and supporters, Bread & Roses Presents is fortunate to have many friends as our ambassadors. Some like Circle of Advisors (COA) Peter Coyote, David Harris, Tom Johnston and Michael Pritchard are celebrity spokespersons for our organization. Others shine in the spotlight of the different roles they play every day throughout the year in support of our program.

An Alcatraz gardener who is an expert in worm composting and an award-winning walking tour guide for the town of San Anselmo, Host Dick Miner is an example of a versatile and multi-talented individual who has become one of our best ambassadors and all-around volunteers. He has received many awards from Bread & Roses including outstanding host and volunteer for all seasons. He is always willing to help with special shows at the institutions we serve and at our fundraising events. He has also made some great performer referrals for us.

An engaged and enthusiastic volunteer, Dick has hosted close to 250 shows since 2009. He is always cheerful and willing to cross bridges to host shows as well as transport and set up PA systems for larger concerts. He does his homework by looking up interesting things about the performers to share as emcee. When needed, he has hosted annual detention concerts spending long hours helping the staff and performers. He writes wonderful show reports illustrating the essence of every program he hosts.

The video above shows him in action as a volunteer host introducing Ezekial McCarter and Benjamin Andrews of Con Brio at the Father Alfred Center in San Francisco.

He has worked at our benefit events as greeter, security, doing set-up and clean-up, auction spotter, usher and provided general all around support. His kindness, generosity and professionalism make him one of our most reliable volunteers. We always know that he is a great Bread & Roses ambassador for our facilities and performers.


She has raised a family of lovely daughters but still finds time to give back in a variety of ways. COA Co-Chair Tucky Pogue is known for her warmth, generosity and legendary hospitality. A former Board member and Board secretary, Tucky has been a donor, supporter and volunteer for Bread & Roses since 2006.

She recently hosted our twice-annual COA gathering in the beautiful backyard of her Marin home where Ben Fong-Torres and Paul Liberatore regaled the crowd with tales from the Bay Area music scene and spoke of the continuing importance of our program to bring music to the isolated.

Tucky recently shared that the event that means the most to her is our annual host dinner and it is a perennial favorite for our volunteers as well. She provides the space in her home for all to share a lively social hour and home-cooked meal. “The best part of the event is hearing the testimonials from all the volunteers about their most meaningful experiences hosting shows for Bread & Roses,” said Tucky.

Not only has Tucky been a dedicated benefit sponsor through the years, she always makes the extra effort to bring her family and friends to our fundraising concerts. She goes above and beyond in helping us cultivate the next generation, as well as inviting her neighbors Anne and Tony Campodonico to join us as supporters.


A fire safety expert with a 30-year-career with the city of LA, Richard Wuerth has been performing in church choirs, coffee houses, clubs, special events, and for retirement and birthday parties for decades. Studying music and voice has been a lifetime endeavor. While working in the mayor’s office and other city departments, he recorded three CDs Beneath the Sands and Winds of Time, Christmas Prayers and Love Songs for Lovers.

A long-time fan of folk music as well as friend to both Joan Baez and her sister the late Mimi Fariña, Richard got in touch when he moved to the Bay Area to volunteer for Bread & Roses institutional audiences. For the past several years, he has performed an average of two concerts a month for isolated adults and seniors who cannot get out to hear live music in Marin, Napa, Oakland, Palo Alto, San Francisco and Sonoma. He shared that “The healing power and hope live music gives to audiences of all ages, is truly one of the most fulfilling aspects of this performing life.”

On a recent trip back to LA, Richard performed as a singer-guitarist with his duo partner pianist-vocalist and composer Rock David Pro at the Golden Inn & Village in Santa Ynez. At this model residential community for seniors founded by the Rona Barrett Foundation, they performed an afternoon concert for over 75 attendees of “Music and Memories” dedicated to Bread & Roses. Legendary Hollywood columnist Rona Barrett introduced them telling how she was a great fan of Joan Baez who she once interviewed for television. She also gave tribute to Mimi Fariña, telling how she founded Bread & Roses and the wonderful work we do to this day bringing music and joy to those who do not have the ability to see live musical performances. She expressed her gratefulness for the live concert that Richard and Rock performed for the low-income seniors in residence at the Golden Inn & Village.

Thank you Dick, Tucky and Richard for all you do to share your enthusiasm for our mission and leading the way as our ambassadors. We look forward to telling more stories of our wonderful volunteers in future issues of The Heartbeat.

By Marian Hubler, Communications Manager/Producer

Photo Captions:

1) Video of Ezekial McCarter and Benjamin Andrews at the Father Alfred Center in San Francisco by Dan Foldes of Pint of Soul Productions.

2) (l-r) Dick Miner, Marian Hubler, Ezekial McCarter and Benjamin Andrews at 2019 Spring Benefit Concert at Great American Music Hall. Photo by Ken Friedman.

3) Lisa Starbird (r) presents Tucky Pogue with a thank you gift at 2018 COA event. Photo by Peter Merts.

4) (l-r) Frank Olivier, Tucky Pogue, Francesca Lee, Megan Slankard and Anne Campodonico at 2019 Fall Benefit Concert at Sweetwater Music Hall. Photo by Peter Merts.

5) (l-r) Rock David Pro, Rona Barrett and Richard Wuerth at Golden Inn & Village in Santa Ynez March 2020.

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