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A Message From Tony & Friends


Carlos Santana & Cindy Blackman Santana

“Now more than ever, the world is in need of healing and a spiritual hug. Music brings love and harmony to the world. Bread & Roses continues to uplift and bring light and oneness through live music to those who need it most. We are grateful for their service to the Bay Area as they continue to find ways to touch people’s hearts.”


Bonnie Raitt

“Music always has been able to unite the generations. I have lived it as a performer for nearly 50 years, watching the faces at my concerts, in knowing that my music has reached into the hearts and minds of fans spanning all walks of life. Bread & Roses has been doing the same, reaching across the decades, to help people with so much tumult and divisiveness in their lives who need music for healing, for nurturing, for peace, for happiness.”


Keb' Mo'

“Music has the power to change lives. Bread & Roses makes sure that people who are isolated have the same opportunity as the rest of us to experience that power.”


Dear Friends,

I love playing music - creating, performing and sharing. It’s my passion and my joy. The song I sing for you today is about Bread & Roses and the healing power of music. For the past seven years I have had the honor of performing for Bread & Roses Presents in various musical capacities in hospitals and prisons. I was recently reminded of why I love playing music when I did a concert at the Holderman Hospital at the Veterans Home in Yountville. I was performing as part of a black history program when a vet (pictured above) rolled up in a wheelchair and said “Y-NOT!” That was the nickname he had given me 30 years ago – my name spelled backwards. The guy was both smiling and crying because I remembered him. That’s why I am in this world – to bring hope and joy to people.

At San Quentin I have performed big shows on the yard and for smaller groups in the chapel, given workshops and taught inmate musicians, and was part of a collective choir project that brought interfaith singers and musicians together. Music is my gift to humanity. Free musical performances for the isolated is the gift of Bread & Roses.

I support many good causes, but the work of Bread & Roses is especially close to my heart. Founded in 1974 by the late singer-songwriter and guitarist Mimi Fariña, Bread and Roses has provided live music to isolated audiences in the San Francisco Bay Area for 46 years. As we shelter-in-place in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are all experiencing greater isolation and are in need of greater connection. We understand how important relationships and socialization are for quality of life to improve moods, bring hope and promote overall mental and physical health. We are continuing to serve our isolated audiences and greater community by providing video concert links and through outdoor and Zoom concerts.

Most recently, we started a partnership with the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank, providing live music for approximately 400-600 families driving each time through the line. Our partnership with the Food Bank not only serves individuals receiving food, but also inspires the volunteers who are working hard to distribute supplies.

(l-r top row) Congressman Jared Huffman and Jeffrey Halford; Jeremy Lyon, Daniel Erik and Peter Bellack (l-r second row) Deborah Crooks and Kwame Copeland from Bay Station; Carlos Reyes and Dave Perron

Help us continue Mimi’s song — to inspire hearts and minds, and cultivate joy and hope by bringing live music and other entertainment to audiences with little or no access to the hope and healing that it provides. Send your gift today. Help me sing about Bread & Roses for decades to come!


Tony Saunders


Turning Donations Into Joy

We are so appreciative of your support, especially during these uncertain times. Your contribution will make a critical difference in supporting Bread & Roses' mission. As we pivot during the pandemic, we continue to find new ways to expand our programs, partner with local non-profits, and as always, spread hope and joy to isolated Bay Area audiences in need.

Help us with our end-of-year fundraising by making a gift now, over the holidays or join us for #GivingTuesday on Dec 1. Your gift is so important!



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