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  • Carolyn Gauthier

Circle of Advisors/Community Partner Profile: Andrea Schultz

Life in the Bay Area is complex. It takes a lot of people to support our diverse society and collaboration is essential. One of Bread & Roses many partners is Bon Air Center in Greenbrae, CA. Community leader and philanthropist Andrea Schultz is president and CEO of Greenbrae Management and the Bon Air Center.

The center has been family-owned since 1952. Andrea Schultz is part of a 75-year legacy. Her grandfather bought the property (at that time a farm) in January 1946. Her father joined him in developing the property and in 1952 opened the first stores. They included functional day-to-day businesses like a hardware store and a beauty shop. In 1966 they added Petrini’s, a San Francisco-based grocery store. In 1990, Andrea joined the family business. It has always been community-centered, serving the needs of the people who live nearby and all of Marin County. Andrea inherited her parents’ leadership in the community. They supported many local agencies including the hospital, now MarinHealth Medical Center, of which Andrea is currently Chair of the Board of Directors.

Growing up in Marin, Andrea first heard about Bread & Roses near its nascence in 1974. She’s always loved music and learning how our organization brought live music to those in need resonated with her in a special way. “Music takes your mind away from your problems. Healing through music is something we all need,” she said.

That’s why Andrea joined the B&R Circle of Advisors. “The mission touches me. I know the power of music – how it gets people involved. I feel passionate about music and the healing side of music is so important today. I was flattered to be asked.”

In 2018 and 2019, Bread & Roses provided entertainment for Bon Air’s Thirsty Third Thursday events. It was an opportunity to make new friends and to have a few of our regular performers spread some joy. Dirty Cello, Nat Keefe Trio and Festival Speed Bluegrass were among the groups who entertained neighbors and friends at the center. This partnership was a win-win for all involved.

Bread & Roses Music for Thirsty Third Thursday at BonAir Center July 2019

Andrea also loves to dance to good music. She enjoys everything from waltzes to line dancing. As a girl she wanted to be the next Ginger Rogers. She misses the social contact of dancing during the shelter-in-place, but she can work out her moves at home. “We are meant to be in groups. We’re pack animals and need each other. “

There is an even greater need today for the healing power of music. Andrea feels, “When people are alone, their problems get worse. Music can change your mood. Classical music can calm you down. Country music can energize you. People sometimes forget how important music is. They pay too much attention to bad news. They need to be brought back to a centered balance. Music does that. It reminds us of the good in life.”

As a philanthropist, Andrea recognizes that community support of nonprofit organizations is essential to a healthy society. “It’s the not-for-profits that take care of so many important things - people in need, animals, the environment, the arts and much more. So many of them are having a hard time now. There’s a lot of competition for donations.”

But she remains positive. “This will pass. Sometimes we have to step back in order to move forward. We’re all trying to find our own balance.”

Bread & Roses is finding new ways to share the healing power of music. We regularly send video concerts to our facilities, help set up Zoom shows and continue a few live concerts in places where we can maintain safe physical distancing. We are keeping in touch with all our constituents to maintain a sense of community. People like Andrea Schultz help support this effort and make our world a better place.

Photos by Marian Hubler


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