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Facility Profile: Anova Center for Education in Santa Rosa

Sterling the Bubblesmith Delighted Children at Bread & Roses First Program at Anova Center for Education in Santa Rosa

Sterling the Bubblesmith recently brought the beauty and magic of bubbles to Bread & Roses’ first program at Anova Center for Education’s nonprofit school in Santa Rosa. A comprehensive treatment program, Anova provides educational, behavioral and therapy services for children and young adults with autism and neurodevelopmental impairments in Northern California.

A direct connection to the performer in a beautiful outdoor setting made all the difference for these special children to have an exceptional life experience. The children loved all the interaction, chasing bubbles, being put inside a bubble and trying their hand at making bubbles. Development Director Wendy Langley observed one of the children, "This is the most engaged I've ever seen this student and the longest he's paid attention to anything."

Another staff member relayed "This was such a meaningful activity for our students as there were so many things to learn about making bubbles." This school for autistic children, and its partner K-12 location in Concord, draws participants from the Bay Area and beyond, and is the largest program of its kind in the country.

One little boy was a recent émigré from Russia who spoke very little English. He ran around excitedly chasing bubbles all the while chanting “Me Bubbles…” Special thanks were given to Sterling Johnson for bringing fun and joy to so many children who delighted in the experience of interacting with bubbles.

Anova is one of the newest social service partners for Bread & Roses. We anticipate providing a dynamic series going forward with a mix of lively onsite programs as well as live virtual programs for their elementary school children and teen/young adult audiences. The next program is being planned for March of 2023 with a concert for the teens at Anova with the spirited female duo The Real Sarahs who are based in Mendocino County and referred to Bread & Roses by Alex de Grassi.

By Marian Hubler, VP of Communications/Producer

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