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Spotlight on Our Facility Audiences: Saint Vincent's Day Home

“Bread & Roses performances captivate children with a delightful blend of clowns, magicians, bubble artists, and musicians, evoking sheer joy, which is evident on their faces. Retaining the attention of young children is challenging, but Bread & Roses uniquely engages our children, offering a rare opportunity for artistic exposure. Through their performances, our children are introduced to the enriching world of art and entertainment, laying a foundation for lifelong appreciation and creativity.”  - Alexandra Hilario, Executive Director

Our spotlight on Saint Vincent’s Day Home in Oakland is the fourth in a monthly series highlighting our wide range of facility partners in honor of our 50th Anniversary. 

Bread & Roses Presents is turning 50 this year, but we are relative youngsters compared to Saint Vincent’s Day Home. Founded in 1911 by the Sisters of the Holy Family, Saint Vincent’s remains in its original location – an 1863 Victorian home on over an acre of land. Its steadfast mission is to ensure that children of families with low incomes will be educated and nurtured and their parents empowered to meet family responsibilities. Today, Saint Vincent’s Day Home is a non-sectarian, independent nonprofit, and is the oldest and largest child development center in Alameda County. 


We have served the Saint Vincent’s community since 2008, and have produced 136 shows there to date. Our first show featured perennial favorite Frank Olivier. Since then, we have presented a diverse slate of top-tier longtime volunteer children’s performers; including former Ringling and Barnum & Bailey star Boswick J Turnstyle, Caribbean neo-folk performer Asheba, Sterling the Bubblesmith, soul singer-songwriter Damond Moodie, the multi-award winning duo, the Circus of Smiles and many more. 

Saint Vincent’s primary goals are to “impart to every child a love of reading and learning, a sense of confidence and compassion, sound social skills, and healthy physical development.” Bread & Roses performances complement these goals through group sing-alongs, story-telling and puppet shows that explore the issues children face today. They also provide a welcome break from the classroom and a chance for the kids to unwind in a lively group setting.

The organization is an ideal facility partner for monthly performances. We know that when our performers and hosts show up, they will be greeted with knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff, who never fail to widely post show flyers throughout the facility. This makes our performers feel they are not only welcome, but also much anticipated.  

In the midst of one of Oakland’s most challenging environments, Saint Vincent’s Day Home stands out as an oasis of beauty and stability, offering support to the children and families it serves. Bread & Roses deeply values our partnership with this beacon of the community and  we look forward to continuing our work together for the next 50 years!

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