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Staff Profile: Diane Pickell-Gore

Samantha Dueñas, Heidi James, Marian Hubler and Diane Pickell-Gore at "A Night on the Lawn" house concert, 2021. Photo by Phillip Percy Williams.

Like an orchestra, Bread and Roses Presents (B&R) has many talented players in its staff ensemble. Diane Pickell-Gore connects, executes, organizes, informs and provides a positive momentum to keep all running smoothly to create the amazing program at the intersection of music and social service that is Bread and Roses.

Diane was born in South Ruislip, England to a military father. Her background growing up gave her an experience of many people and places, from her earliest days in historical England to being part of a hardworking family of mid-westerners living in Chicago, Illinois and Washington D.C., to the dedicated life of a family stationed on a military base in Germany. They moved to the Bay Area where she graduated from Lowell High School in San Francisco and worked at the Presidio for a time where she met her husband. She lives today with her family in Novato, CA. Her real-life education was provided through the knowledge she gained from such a varied background and she brings the breadth of this experience to Bread and Roses.

With a B.A. in Theatre Arts from San Francisco State University, she graduated from the Church Divinity School of the Pacific in Berkeley. She originally wanted to be a minister, but her life’s journey has led her to use her skills in different ways.

Diane, or Lady D as I refer to her, brings honesty, trust, sensitivity and empathy to every place she works. Her experience ranges from positions as a contract specialist for the federal government to stage manager for many Bay Area theatre productions to her current job as office manager and administrative assistant for Bread & Roses.

In April of 2013, Diane was stage managing a production of “Return to The Forbidden Planet,” when I first met her as an actor and singer cast in that musical. I was so impressed by her knowledge, organizational skills and commitment to creating and enacting the vision of the director. It is not surprising that her favorite color is red. Red is a color of heart and strength. Diane runs the Bread and Roses office with care, professionalism, knowledge and follow-through.

Diane Pickell-Gore, Phillip Percy Williams, Michael Kadel, Tracey and Dave Berntsen at "A Night Under the Stars" house concert, 2021. Photo by Marian Hubler.

Most of all she is concerned about providing a safe space for all to work. Her social skills are impressive as they include respect and non-judgment, allowing her to talk and work effectively with a great diversity of people. I asked her recently if her stage-managing experience was an asset to her current position. Diane stated: “Most definitely. In the theatre world, there is a wide spectrum of people with varying experiences and personalities. My job is to bring them all together for the singular goal of realizing the Director’s vision to give each production life on the stage. I find that if you treat others with respect the job will get done.”

She works every day at Bread and Roses to forward our mission with the same spirit while promoting the core value of acceptance of differences. Through open communication, honesty and hard work, she tirelessly supports the common goal shared by Dave Perron and the larger team to continue our founder, the late Mimi Fariña’s dream of bringing hope, healing and joy through live music to isolated Bay Area audiences.

Diane Pickell-Gore and a guest at "A Night Under the Stars," 2021. Photo by Samantha Dueñas.

Diane, you are a bright star. I am blessed to work with you and to have you as my friend. Thank you for all your dedication and hard work.

By Producer Phillip Percy Williams


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