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Volunteer Testimonial Acknowledges 2020 Awards

Every summer, we recognize our volunteers with a community celebration called "The JAM." Though we weren't able to gather in person this year, we sent all of our volunteers Certificates of Appreciation as well as annual awards in a wide variety of categories (see list below.)

Photo of Zach Lee at 2019 Jam by Peter Merts

Zach Lee, who won an "Outstanding Youth Performer" award this year, sent a testimonial afterwards about what it meant to him. He said, " I want to thank you for the award. I was truly thrilled when I received the certificate in the mail and feel so honored to be gifted with this acknowledgement. As a Bread & Roses Volunteer Youth Performer, I am grateful for all the rewarding experiences I have had to share my music and help enrich the lives of isolated groups of people from all walks of life in our community. I learned that sometimes in life there are demanding hurdles. Music is definitely a key element in creating a safe space where we can all relax in harmony. I want to thank Executive Director Dave Perron and the Bread & Roses staff, who offer loving support and guidance to all the artists including myself and most importantly, to the many audiences. It gives me a sense of purpose and joy to be a part of this wonderful organization. I look forward to continuing my musical journey with Bread & Roses and following it as far as it will bring me!"

You can help us recognize the extraordinary accomplishments of our volunteers and expand awareness of our mission by posting a testimonial on the Great Nonprofits (link) website. If you post before October 30, 2020, you will also help us retain our badge as a "Great Nonprofits 2020 Top-rated Nonprofit."

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