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  • Marian Hubler

Gathering of Bread & Roses Renewed Circle of Advisors

The towering blossoms that reached for the sky were an apt metaphor for Bread & Roses Presents gathering of its newly revitalized Circle of Advisors on Wednesday July 19 in a beautiful garden at the Kentfield home of generous hosts Anne and Tony Campodonico. Advisory Circle Committee Co-chairs Stacy Nelson and Tucky Pogue organized the event for old and new friends and dedicated supporters to get together to celebrate our many successes and spark ideas on how to maintain our momentum.

“If everyone can contribute just one good deed a year,” said Executive Director Dave Perron, “it will help tremendously to move us forward.” Dave noted that it is already happening and gave a few examples such as Advisory Circle member Peter Coyote’s recent narration on our new “Bread & Roses Presents” video, Jason Rezaian’s Tweets to help promote our organization and the recent Summer of Love concert co-produced by Advisory Circle members Jimmy Dillon and Paul Liberatore who are dedicating a portion of the proceeds to sustain our ongoing program.

The gathering included many long-time friends like former board members Rita Abrams, Tom Cohen, Mary Doan, Kirke Hasson, Maureen Hochler, Brenda Laribee, Toby Nady, Dan Nowell, Merl Saunders, Jr. and Katie Smith. Former Development Director Elizabeth Share and Ambassador at Large Michael Pritchard rounded out the group along with David Harris, a supporter since the early days.

New Advisory Circle members attending included Adam Fells, Lane Murchison, Chris Peck, Jason Rezaian and Andrea Schultz.Current Bread & Roses Board members Matt Jaffe, Catherine Less, Philip Pillsbury and Alex Wellins also helped welcome guests.

All enjoyed the chance to meet and mingle, while many took the opportunity to provide a video testimonial to be posted late summer on Bread & Roses new website. Matt Jaffe, a professional musician and our youngest board member, kicked off the program by saying “It’s easy to get cynical when you’re working in the music industry. Bread & Roses reminds me why I love playing music as it is all about connecting with people on an individual basis.” He then performed three songs "The Hellhounds of Alcatraz," (a snippet of which he performed in the new Bread & Roses video) "Wicked World" and "Raise the Dead," a testimonial about the need for remembrance following the tragic nightclub shooting in Orlando.

Dr. Adam Gazzaley then spoke about his pioneering work optimizing brain cognition as a doctor dedicated to neuroscience at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) and through his subsequent consulting and video game companies. His work is a fascinating foray into how brains might improve their functioning in a meaningful way. He talked about his research center and video game “Neuroscape” designed specifically to do behavioral intervention through closed-loop technologies. He has collaborated with many people including Grateful Dead drummer and Circle of Advisors member Mickey Hart who has dedicated his life to exploring the links between people and rhythm. As we went into the night, we were left with these thought-provoking questions “What can we do to help a brain develop?” and “How can we build things that enhance the core of what it means to be human?” We see every day in our work at Bread & Roses how important it is for those who are isolated to feel hope and healing through an enhanced sense of human connection.

Post by Marian Hubler

Photos by Peter Merts


1) Video testimonial by Jason Rezaian

2) Group photo of Circle of Advisors with Bread & Roses Board and Staff

3) Circle of Advisor members Merl Saunders, Jr, Elizabeth Share and Michael Pritchard

4) Executive Director Dave Perron and Lane Murchison

5) Board Member Matt Jaffe performing

6) Neuroscientist & Author Dr. Adam Gazzaley, MD, PhD

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