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Dave Perron

Executive Director

After 30 years working at the nexus of professional sports and philanthropy, Dave has joined Bread & Roses Presents where he is a firsthand witness to the similarities between professional athletes and performers. A teacher for seven years, Dave’s interactions with athletes in baseball, football, golf, track and field coincided with his time as a former Bread & Roses board member. Van Morrison and Grover Washington Jr. are at the top of his diverse musical play list. Married and a longtime resident of Marin, his friendships and family fill his free time. He lives with the passionate pursuit of “paying it forward.”

Tracey Berntsen

Business Manager

A native Californian with deep roots in San Francisco and Marin County, Tracey earned her B.A. in economics from UC Santa Cruz. Her accounting experience covers many industries including recording and sound production at Skywalker Sound as well as online media and tech. During her free time she can be found in the dance studio or hiking her favorite trails with friends and family. Tracey grew up on the music of the Bay Area including Bread & Roses concerts at The Greek. Nowadays anything from Miles Davis to Talking Heads can be heard coming from her car, though her teenage daughters are trying to update the playlist. 

Carolyn Gauthier

Vice President, Programs

With a father who was a professor of music and a mother who sang and played piano, Carolyn practically came out of the womb singing. Music has played a key role in nearly all of her careers – elementary school teacher, music director at Unity in Marin, recording artist and producer at Bread & Roses Presents. After 15 years at the aforementioned non-profit agency, Carolyn has stepped into the role of vice-president. Hidden talents include playing guitar and cello and speaking a bit of French. She likes listening to classical string music and loves singing harmony.

Marian Hubler

Communications Manager/Producer

From Dayton, Ohio, Marian believes in the power of positive culture to effect meaningful change.  She has worked as a ranger for the National Park Service and in public relations, cultural programming and special events management. A singer and writer, she appreciates the culturally creative Bay Area. She met the late Mimi Fariña on Alcatraz in 1995 and came to Bread & Roses Presents shortly afterwards where she has worked as a concert producer and part-time blogger ever since. She has a BA in English from Trinity University, Washington D.C. In her spare time, she looks for swans.

Heidi James

Vice President, Development

Heidi brings over 24 years of non-profit experience to Bread & Roses in her role as Vice President of Development. She is an engaging, compassionate and progress-driven leader with a passion for growing philanthropic support and donor engagement. Coming from a family of singers, guitarists, and pianists, Heidi believes that all individuals deserve to have access to music and the joy that it brings. In her spare time, she enjoys playing golf with her husband, spending time with her kids, hiking and yoga. Heidi is a fan of the artists she grew up watching on MTV, including Billy Idol, Michael Jackson, Madonna, and The Cars.


Francesca Lee graduated from Sir Paul McCartney’s Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts with a B.A. Performing Arts (Music) degree in 2002 majoring in vocal performance and songwriting. In 2004 she moved to San Francisco and established herself in the Bay Area music scene as an emerging artist/singer-songwriter. A top ten regional finalist in the Lilith Fair Talent Search Contest, songs from her CD The Pieces Left were featured on KFOG’s Local Scene Vol. 6 and Songwriters Unplugged Volume One—Live at Yoshi’s. Francesca has been a producer for Bread & Roses since 2010.

Diane Pickell-Gore

Administrative Coordinator

Longtime Bay Area transplant and Army dependent, Diane was born in London, moved a few times and graduated from San Francisco State with a degree in Theatre Management. After living a regular nine to five life, she returned to stage management in 2009. In addition to working throughout Marin and Sonoma counties, she can be found “stage managing” church services on Sunday mornings at Holy Innocents in Corte Madera. Her playlist includes Broadway show tunes.

Jordan Moore

Development-Communications Associate

New to the Bay Area, Jordan grew up in St. Louis, MO, home to the late rock icon Chuck Berry. Jordan attended Missouri State University where he studied Marketing with a concentration in advertising. Following in the footsteps of his city’s slogan, “the gateway to the west,” Jordan packed his bags and headed to San Francisco, after graduating college. He is excited to play a pivotal role in promoting Bread & Roses throughout the community. When he is not listening to The Beatles or Jack Johnson, you can find him reading a book by the ocean.

Lisa Starbird

Program Associate/Events Producer

A native California girl, Lisa truly believes in the healing power of music and making a difference. She has been at Bread & Roses Presents working with logistics, statistics, volunteers and events since 2007. She is also a very active volunteer sharing her strengths as an event producer, facilitator and teacher. She produces inspiring music and sound healing events, brings together people to share testimonials and facilitates a men’s peer support group of lifers weekly at San Quentin. In her “spare time” she enjoys walking or biking in gratitude among the birds and redwood trees.

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Board of Directors
Bread & Roses | John Botti | Board Chair
Bread & Roses | Cathy Less | Treasurer
Bread & Roses Presents | Gene Barnes
Bread & Roses Presents | Robin Eber
Bread & Roses Presents | Adam Fells
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Bread & Roses Presents | Philip Pillsbury III
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Circle of Advisors

Tucky Pogue, Chair

Rita Abrams

Joan Baez

Greg Beattie

Jay Blakesberg

Tom Cohen

Jorge Costa

Peter Coyote

Chris DeNike

Jimmy Dillon

Mary Doan

Ben Fong-Torres

David Getz

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Merl Saunders, Jr.

Danny Scher
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Katie Smith
William Stewart, MD
Rick Swig

KC Turner
Bruce Victor, MD
Michael Zagaris

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