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Audiences Served

Bread & Roses Presents serves isolated individuals of all ages by bringing free, live performances to the facilities in which they reside. These individuals can be economically disadvantaged, physically or mentally disabled, or at-risk.

In recent years, institutionalization has increased. For example, more elders are cared for outside their homes, a greater number of men and women are living with Alzheimer's, and drug and alcohol addiction continues to be a problem for all ages. Children are institutionalized for an ever-broadening set of social problems, including concerns about their physical safety, dire poverty, medical and/or educational neglect, mental illness, and behavioral problems.

Among the many things confined individuals lack is access to the healing power of the arts. Most of the individuals in our audiences have no opportunity other than through a Bread & Roses performance to experience the unique, restorative sensation of being lifted beyond oneself that is possible through the performing arts.

To help us bring performing arts to our audiences, please donate and/or volunteer.

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