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BREAD & ROSES Wants You! Volunteer Program Hosts needed for ongoing live music program for isolated Bay Area individuals.


Since its founding in 1974, Bread & Roses Presents has been bringing hope, healing and joy through the miracles of live music to isolated audiences in the San Francisco Bay Area. Tens of thousands of people in institutional settings every year have experienced the daily challenges of living apart from family and
friends, and have been uplifted by the organization’s free, live performances.


An added benefit of our programs is the positive impact we have on the lives of our hosts, our volunteer musicians and the staff of the institutions we serve. With Bread & Roses, everyone involved joins in the fun and becomes part of the healing community.

Bread & Roses seeks a new wave of Volunteer Program Hosts for our ongoing live music concerts for isolated individuals. Hosts play an integral role of facilitating our program in institutional settings to touch the hearts and souls of our isolated audiences, our social service partners and the community at large. A stipend is available.

To apply to be a volunteer program host, fill out an application here.  For questions, contact Diane Pickell-Gore at, or call (415) 945-7120.

Upcoming Events:

Bread & Roses "Music & More" Zoom Book Club

Next meeting | Stay tuned for next book club date!

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