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Facebook Birthday Fundraiser

Celebrate your birthday with Bread & Roses Presents by hosting a Facebook Birthday Fundraiser! Do you want to contribute to a meaningful cause? Then this is a great way to get your friends and family involved and help sustain our program with all proceeds supporting Bread & Roses. 

It’s easy. All you have to do is create a Birthday Fundraiser on Facebook anytime this year and dedicate the proceeds to Bread & Roses Presents. You can also inspire others to donate to Bread & Roses with your stories of the benefits of our program and what live music means to you.

We have a very special incentive to offer for the campaign. If you raise $1,000.00 or more, we will send you a limited edition highly collectible giclee’ of Mimi Fariña signed by her sister, the artist and performer Joan Baez.

If you've already celebrated your birthday this year,  you can still create a Facebook Fundraiser to benefit Bread & Roses and receive a Mimi Fariña print when you raise $1,000 or more.  

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Helpful Tips For A Successful Campaign

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Thank you to performer, Beth Marlin, for hosting a Facebook Birthday Fundraiser benefiting Bread & Roses. 

  • Encourage your network of friends and family to participate in your fundraiser by sharing stories of what music means to you. Have you attended one of our benefit concerts? Share a post on your Facebook Fundraiser telling others about your experiences of live music through Bread & Roses. 

  • Have you, a friend or family member experienced an institutional show presented by Bread & Roses? Bread & Roses Presents serves over 23,000 isolated audience members each year. Post a testimonial of the benefits received by taking part in our programs. 

  • Did you know or meet our late founder, Mimi Fariña? Share your stories and/or photos in your campaign and describe how her passion for sharing hope and healing through live music is inspiring you to support Bread & Roses.

  • Most Facebook Fundraisers last between 2-4 weeks. Remember to post frequently with your personal stories to keep your audience engaged. 



Congratulations Neil O’Neill and Melanie Phippard for your successful birthday and general Facebook fundraising campaigns to benefit Bread & Roses. Both of you recently met the threshold of raising $1,000 to support our ongoing program and received a limited edition print of our founder, the late Mimi Fariña, signed by her sister, the artist Joan Baez.

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