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Spotlight on Our Facility Audiences: The Cedars of Marin

Updated: Apr 23

“At Cedars of Marin, we serve nearly 200 adults with developmental disabilities who have regularly benefited for decades from the compassionate and wonderfully talented Bread & Roses volunteer performers. Whether in their seats or jumping in the air, our folks LOVE their time with the musicians. Another benefit of the experience is that all the artists gain tremendously by connecting with individuals in need throughout the community.  Kudos to Bread & Roses!” Chuck Greene, Cedars Executive Director

As part of Bread & Roses Presents 50th Anniversary celebration, we are turning the spotlight on some of our valued facility audiences and the ways our collaboration has benefitted our Bay Area community. We have served Cedars of Marin since the 70s and are fortunate to have such a longstanding partnership with one of Marin’s most revered social service organizations serving individuals with developmental disabilities since 1919.

Our performers will tell you that they love to play for our audiences at Cedars for they are among the most joyous and enthusiastic of all the people we serve. For nearly fifty years, we have had a consistent series of concerts and other performing arts programs at their residential building in Ross, their fine arts studio in San Anselmo and their textile arts collaborative in San Rafael. At the three locations we serve, their clients always receive our programs with unparalleled excitement. These truly wonderful audiences have also allowed us to present many different kinds of collaborative performances, in particular our interactive holiday concerts.

Through the years, many of our youth performers have had the chance to play for the folks at Cedars. For some performers, a show at Cedars was their very first concert which allowed them both the opportunity to get to know people with developmental disabilities as well as gain experience as a performer.

Recently a regular Cedars volunteer has become a host for our ongoing monthly concerts at their main campus. Having a dedicated host enhances the experience for all as Cedars clients and residents are always elated to see a familiar face. We appreciate our amazing relationship for five decades, which we plan to continue for many years to come.

Bread & Roses mission of hope, healing and joy through live music is for our neighbors who are isolated and most need uplifting. Cedars is one of our 67 Bay Area facility partners. For more info, visit

Photo Caption: Jimmy Dillon and Blue Star Music Camp at Cedars. Photo by Peter Merts.

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